Doxycyclyne is an effective antibacterial drug administered to treat bacterial inflammations and infections in various parts of the body. The drug is safe, however it must be administered with great caution to various groups of patients. There are certain risk groups of patients. It is recommended to consult health care provider to get individual recommendations and precautions. Who must take Doxycyclyne with caution Patients with allergy If you have previously had a case of allergic response to any kind of drug (oral, topical, intravenous), then you must not take Doxycyclyne IN without your doctor's recommendations. If you still dare try Doxycyclyne without consulting your doctor, please, take the minimal dosage available and track your condition for the next 24 hours. Elderly patients There are not special restrictions for geriatric patients, however elderly people may develop age related conditions which can contraindicate Doxycyclyne treatment. Such conditions are kidneys and liver failure or poor functioning as this can lead to the accumulation of the drug in the body and to overdose a patient. Pregnancy Doxycyclyne affects unborn babies and causes birth defects. Women planning pregnancy, being pregnant or breastfeeding must not take Doxycyclyne under any condition. The drug belongs to the risk group D and is forbidden during pregnancy.

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