Obstetrics with the experience and attention that you and your baby need

Regular, high-quality prenatal care is the best thing you can do for yourself and your growing baby. The Women’s Healthcare of Southern Indiana team is highly experienced in obstetrics and has brought thousands of babies into the world over the years. We will get to know you and be involved in your care so you can feel comfortable with each of us.

  • Women’s Healthcare of Southern Indiana offers in-office 3D ultrasound and all of the prenatal screenings that you will need throughout your pregnancy.
  • Our team cares for women with normal pregnancies and for those who may be at high risk due to diabetes, high blood pressure or other health problems. They also care for mothers-to-be who are expecting twins.
  • Dr. Dunn delivers at Harrison County Hospital, which features a state-of-the-art labor and delivery unit and caring, highly trained staff.

With Women’s Healthcare of Southern Indiana, you will have the quality of medical care you can trust, with all the personal attention and support that you need during this special time in your life.

Get advanced prenatal care from the women’s healthcare specialists at Women’s Healthcare of Southern Indiana. Call us at 812.923.6200 or fill out our online Book an Appointment form to schedule your consultation with us.